Versatile in use

Its benefits and richness of features make Fleettrace attractive to various companies, markets and organizations. Fleettrace makes savings possible due to control and management of your valuable mobile assets! More >>

Modular services

Choose a system now and have other needs next year? That is no problem with the modular services of Fleettrace! More >>

High reliability

No lost trips, no significant differences in kilometre readings or applications that don`t work. Fleettrace is the epitome of reliability! Research showed that the Fleettrace application is reliable for 98%! More >>

Unique fiscal report

Fleettrace has an unique fiscal report. According to the Inland Revenue, Fleettrace offers the most complete trip registration on the market! This way, you won't be hit with any unpleasant surprises or fines. More >>

ROI within 1 year

The payback period of the investment in Fleettrace is short. Due to time, fuel and administrative savings the Fleettrace applications earns itself back within 1 year! More >>